Oranges and Lemons
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Oranges and Lemons  
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Oranges and Lemons
Oranges and Lemons

Singing and Dancing Games
by Ian Beck and Karen King

01    Jack-in-the-Box
02    Five Brown Teddies
03    Here we go round the Mulberry Bush
04    Oh, we can play on the Big Bass Drum
05    Sleeping Beauty
06    Noah's Ark
07    Old Roger
08    Looby-loo
09    The Grand Old Duke of New York
10    Ring-a-Ring O'Roses
11    Oats and Barns and Barley Grow
12    The Farmer's in his Den
13    Five Little Speckled Frogs
14    Here we go gathering Nuts in May
15    The Scarecrow
16    The Wheels on the Bus
17    Goldilocks and the Three Bears
18    In and out the Dusty Bluebells
19    The big Ship saily on the Alley, Alley-O
20    Oranges and Lemons
21    Round and round the Village
22    Poor Jenny sits a-weeping

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